Opening Reception
June 2, 5:30 - 8:30 PM
June 8-10, 2:00 - 6:00 PM
or by appointment,

Visual Arts Facility, Gallery
University of Caliiornia San Diego

Erika Ostrander's thesis exhibition, O World, I cannot hold thee close enough, at the UC San Diego, is the culmination of artistic work that explores material-based process that abstracts the body. Ostrander's work refers to the idea of a body less contained by examining the structures that define and protect bodies, using materials to represent a continuous line that binds her to the Other; the world outside the self. Exploring connectedness through material illustrates Chris Tilley’s idea that, people make things, and things make people. The process of connecting materially is a way to understand the present moment. Ostrander uses dead hair, animal tissue, paper waste, salt, burlap and iconic myths to describe the continuity that binds past and present. She creates a language without words, the stories and movements that are transmitted through the body over time. Generations of humans reenact a corporeal and visceral connectedness to one another, and Ostrander's work seeks to give these stories form.

This exhibition explores the abstraction of the body through a series of tapestry-like wall works, bulbous cysts of floor sculptures, and other found materials. Wall works, entitled Compression, feel like a body suspended in time. The surface of the work becomes a topography, a palimpsest of its own making. The sculptures, look like skin sacks in one moment and rocks the next. The exhibition as a whole jumps back and forth between interior and exterior, suspending the viewer in a space where things fall apart as soon as they come together. The work shows the process of its making, as if the momentum could continue and then disappear any moment.


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