Professor Anya Gallaccio, Art History PhD Candidate Lara Bullock, and MFA Alumni Brian Goeltzenleuchter, David White, Perry Vasquez and Joe Yorty featured in

Object Object!

A Selection of Smaller Works

Closing Reception on 23 November 2013, 2-5PM
Panel Discussion on 23 November 2013 1-2 pm

Helmuth Projects ,1827 5th Ave, San Diego, California 92101

Featuring works by an amazing roster of seventy-one national and international artists, Object Object!: A Selection of Smaller Works is a curated exhibition aiming to present a diverse group of excellent small works to a diverse audience. good good things believes that there is both a power and a preciousness in smaller works. We also believe in facilitating the visibility and accessibility of art we love. Because of this, all artists in the exhibition have been asked to work within specific scale and pricing constraints outside of their normal practice. All exhibited works will not exceed 10” in any direction and will be priced between 100-300 dollars. The exhibition catalogue will feature essays by Lara Bullock and Lauren Lockhart.

Object Object!: A Selection of Smaller Works
Featuring works by:

Anila Quayyum Agha/ Indianapolis, IN
Jennifer Anne Bennett/ San Diego, CA
Rebekah Bogard/ Reno, NV
Matthew Bourbon/ Denton, TX
Sean Brannan/ San Diego, CA
Candace Briceno/ Austin, TX
Rebecca Carter/ Dallas, TX
John Chwekun/ San Diego, CA
Beau Comeaux/ Albany, NY
C.J. Davis/ Dallas, TX
Tom Driscoll/ San Diego, CA
Kelly Eginton/ La Mesa, CA
Vincent Falsetta/ Denton, TX
Denis Farrell/ Aubepierre-Sur-Aube, Champagne-Ardenne, France
Anya Gallaccio/ La Mesa, CA
Steve Gibson/ San Diego, CA
Damien Gilley/ Portland, OR
Brian Goeltzenleuchter/ San Diego, CA
Shelley Hampe/ Dallas, TX
Joanne Hayakawa/ San Diego, CA
Matthew Hebert/ San Diego, CA
John Brinton Hogan/ San Diego, CA
Jeff Irwin/ San Diego, CA
Alexander Jarman/ San Diego, CA
Heather L. Johnson/ New York, New York
Lance Jones/ Dallas, TX
Jennifer Leigh Jones/ Denton, TX
Wendell Kling/ San Diego, CA
John Oliver Lewis/ San Diego, CA
Linda Lopez/ Fayetteville, AR
Natalie Macellaio/ Plano, TX
Kirsten Macy/ Los Angeles, CA
May-Ling Martinez/ San Diego, CA
Bob Matheny/ San Diego, CA
Jessica McCambly/ San Diego, CA
Jeff Mueller/ Chicago, IL
Nikko Mueller/ San Diego, CA
Ingram Ober/ La Mesa, CA
Titus O’Brien/ Albuquerque, NM
Keri Oldham/ Brooklyn, NY
Harmony Padgett/ Dallas, TX
Joe Page/ Walla Walla, WA
Julon Pinkston/ Houston, TX
Scott Polach/ San Diego, CA
Justin Quinn/ St. Cloud, MN
Sasha Koozel Reibstein/ La Mesa, CA
Marisol Rendon/ La Mesa, CA
Allison Renshaw/ Leucadia, CA
Leisa Rich/ Atlanta, GA
Danielle Riede/ Indianapolis, IN
Philipp Scholz Rittermann/ Escondido, CA
Lesli Robertson/ Highland Village, TX
Jason Sherry/ San Diego, CA
Rusty Scruby/ Dallas, TX
Brian Spolans/ Ysplanti, MI
Raychael Lynn Stine/ Albuquerque, NM
Eva Struble/ San Diego, CA
Shannon Sullivan/ Eureka, CA
Takako Tanabe/ Brooklyn, New York
Perry Vasquez/San Diego, CA
Jones von Jonestein/ La Mesa, CA
Stephanie Wagner/ Los Angeles, CA
David Willburn/ Fort Worth, TX
Sarah Williams/ Springfield, MO
David White/ San Diego, CA
Mike Whiting/ San Diego, CA
Allison Wiese/ San Diego, CA
Joe Yorty/ San Diego, CA
Lindsay Preston Zappas/ Los Angeles, CA
John Zane Zappas/ Los Angeles, CA
Dave Zdrazil/ Eureka, CA

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