Japanese Friendship Garden
Opening reception- Friday, February 3, 2017 (5-7pm)
Balboa Park, San Diego, CA

An exhibition of new works by M.F.A. alumnus Louis Schmidt

"I am very pleased to present Persons Unknown, an exhibition focusing on a various and ongoing photographic series I shoot in different cities around the world. Delighted to bring part of this ongoing work to the Japanese Friendship Garden, I have chosen from a huge selection of images I've shot over four recent trips to Tokyo, Japan. These images are primarily abstract views of pedestrians captured passing before a patterned or otherwise specific backdrop - metal roll-up shop gates, vaulted subway stairwells, patterned floors, museum stairs, etc., and the exhibition will ambiguously contextualize these pedestrians amid architectural visions, patterns found in the city and a handful of random curiosities. Persons Unknown is a way of looking at people in a city, a way to relate the human body to its environment, a way to think about how architecture affects our emotional well-being and (perhaps) even a way to find and spiritualize the thresholds of the liminal within our passage across this sacred horizontal plane we call earth."