Tuesday November 3, 12:30 pm
CMBC Brown Bag Seminar
SIO, 4500 Hubbs Hall 



Thursday November 5, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Open Studio
Visual Arts @ SME 202, Experimental Drawing Studio

Peter Matthews, an ocean based visual artist working in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, will be presenting a selection of recent art works from either side of the Pacific Ocean – from the mountainous coast of Taiwan to the recent works made along the California coast. Matthews will present works inspired and informed by a broadening knowledge and interest in marine biology and maritime history, and also discuss a contemporary landscape artist’s approach to how one may go about exploring, working with and sustaining a personal and creative relationship with the ocean. Recent works explore ideas, preoccupations, practices and struggles with how to work with the ocean as an artist in terms of where does the life of a painting begin and end in the ocean, how can one learn and understand about our cosmological connections to the universe through spending many hours standing in the ocean drawing, and exploring time, space, light, place, color, presence and absence in photographic works which straddle opposite sides of the ocean. The artist is searching for an audience of of people with various marine, earth and oceanography backgrounds in which he may expose his work to in the ongoing pursuit to explore new creative directions in where one may go next, and to question in a diverse range of ways how the arts and sciences meet, crossover and share multiple dimensions with each other.