19 November 2017 - 3 February 2018

In the upstairs space, DXIX is very pleased to present Reología, featuring new works of Javier Fresneda in his first solo show in Los Angeles area.
Conceived as a work-specific intervention, Reología displays Mayan artifacts taken from archaeological sites in México after enduring a long-term process of removal, subtraction and distribution as encapsulated powdered dust.
The intervention operates within a domestic space, where patrimonial artifacts are sustained by dedicated furniture that draws upon the imaginary of the scientific cabinet and the drug kitchen. By presenting also modified documentation images, Fresneda reuses the project’s evidence as decorative patterns or portraiture of stones.

Javier Fresneda is an artist and researcher based on the West Coast and the Yucatán Peninsula. His work examines models of materiality, space and heritage in the digital culture. Some of his recent projects have been presented in places and events such as Hidrante (Puerto Rico), Salon Acme (México) or The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale (Brazil). He is co-founder of publishing platforms Cocom and Scrolldiving, and a teacher at ESAY (Yucatán, México). He is currently pursuing a PhD in Art History, Theory, Criticism and Art Practice at UC San Diego..

DXIX Projects, 519 Santa Clara Ave, Venice, California 90291

Image detail is courtesy of Artist Javier Fresneda and DXIX, Venice (USA).

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