Building as Ever

6 May - 3 September 2017

This thought-provoking exhibition, The California-Pacific Triennial, curated by OCMA Senior Curator Cassandra Coblentz explores the topic of architecture and the temporal precariousness of the built environment. Among the issues to be addressed are the recording of history and preservation; the concept of home and displacement; and the influence of global power, economics, and political systems on global construction.

The California-Pacific Triennial, a survey of contemporary art in and around the Pacific Rim, grew from the museum's long-standing California Biennial exhibitions (1984 through 2010). Together, the Biennials and now Triennials have become a cornerstone of the museum's exhibition program. This is the museum's second California-Pacific Triennial.

The artists (listed below) live and work in 11 countries bordering the Pacific Ocean and will present work that includes sculpture, installation, photography, and drawing, as well as performance-based and socially engaged activities. The majority of the works in the exhibition will be created specifically for this project or will be on public view for the first time; and many are site-specific installations.

Participating Artists

anothermountainman (Stanley Wong) | Hong Kong, China

Carmen Argote | Los Angeles, USA

Michele Asselin |Los Angeles, USA

Cedric Bomford | Victoria, Canada

Santiago Borja | Mexico City, Mexico

Leyla Cardenas | Bogotá, Colombia

Cesar Cornejo | Lima, Peru; Tampa, USA

Beatriz Cortez | Los Angeles, USA

Estudio Teddy Cruz + Forman
Teddy Cruz | San Diego, USA
Fonna Forman | San Diego, USA

Ken Ehrlich | Los Angeles, USA

Patricia Fernández | Los Angeles, USA

Yuki Kimura | Kyoto, Japan

Olga Koumoundouros | Los Angeles, USA

Lead Pencil Studio
Annie Han | Seattle, USA
Daniel Mihalyo | Seattle, USA

Renée Lotenero | Los Angeles, USA

Cybele Lyle | Oakland, USA

Ronald Morán | San Salvador, El Salvador

Trong Gia Nguyen | Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam

Nancy Popp | Los Angeles, USA

Pilar Quinteros | Santiago, Chile

Bryony Roberts | Los Angeles, USA

Alex Slade | Los Angeles, USA

Super Critical Mass
Julian Day | Sydney, Australia
Luke Jaaniste | Brisbane, Australia

Wang Wei | Beijing, China

Haegue Yang | Berlin, Germany; Seoul, South Korea

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Support for this exhibition is provided by Visionaries, The Ahmanson Foundation, Lucy Sun and Warren Felson, the Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation, Michelle Rohe, the Pola Art Foundation, and the Canada Council for the Arts.

The 2017 California-Pacific Triennial: Building As Ever is organized by the Orange County Museum of Art and curated by OCMA Senior Curator Cassandra Coblentz.

Orange County Museum of Art, 850 San Clemente Drive, Newport Beach, California
info [at] ocma [dot] net

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Teddy Cruz is an UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts Professor. For more about his work, please visit:

Image Credit:
Estudio Cruz + Forman, “Mecalux Retrofit: A frame for informal housing” (2015), digital image, dimensions variable. Photo by Estudio Teddy Cruz and Fonna Forman.
Photo is courtesy of Artists Estudio Teddy Cruz and Fonna Forman and HYPERALLERGIC.
© Estudio Teddy Cruz + Forman