Light Wells
Sculptures by Audrey Hope
August 5 - August 27, 2017
Geisel Library

In coordination with the UC San Diego Library as part of her summer course, Material and Scale, instructor Audrey Hope has installed a selection of her sculptures in Geisel Library’s underground gardens known as “light wells.” The sculptures incorporate textiles soaked in plaster and paint with photographs printed on polyester. The photographs depict moments when the divisions between inside and outside collapse, when nature is brought indoors and pushes its way out. Images of people picnicking in oak groves and prints of misremembered poems that describe an imagined outdoor world, reference the Western habit of using nature as a tool for contemplation. The Library’s light wells, architectural features constructed in the early 1990s, are a tender example of the ways that we draw nature indoors in order to remind ourselves of the world outside.