“Portraiture is a genre…. A genre possesses its own formal logic, with tropes and structural wisdom, and lasts a long time, until all the problems it was invented to address have been fully addressed.” – Jerry Saltz

In Reimagining the Portrait, the VIS 60 Introduction to Digital Photography Class presents photographs that tackle the question of what is a contemporary photographic portrait. Because of the nature of digital photography and its ability to immediately record anything with no technical or formal training - unlike other arts – it becomes the photographers challenge to use the medium to capture and reveal something inner to the outside world in the most vivid way possible.

Each student from the VIS 60 class has selected their best portrait to highlight their own exploration of the formal and conceptual qualities of portraiture.

VIS 60, Winter 2015 is taught by Lana Z. Caplan.

10-13 March 2015
Opening Reception on Tuesday, March 10th, 3-5PM
Visual Arts Adam D Kamil Gallery

UC San Diego, Mandeville Center, Lower Courtyard B-118, 9500 Gilman Dr, La Jolla, California 92093
Gallery Hours: W-F 12-5pm