Opening, Wednesday, November 23
Reception, Wednesday, November 30, 8:00 PM
Adam D. Kamil Gallery, Mandeville Center

Throughout fall quarter 2016, students in Introduction to Digital Photography learn concrete technical skills and photographic formal strategies, in conjunction with historical and contemporary artist processes specific to photography. Through the medium of photography students are encouraged to articulate the nuanced connections between self, personal experience and larger familial, cultural, social and philosophical contexts. Students create a conceptual typology of images –in which the underlying concept of the images is unseen or repressed. In tandem with the conceptual typology, students also engage with the notion of the archive and how an archive often contains gaps, repressed images and censored histories.

The photographs in this exhibition respond performatively to objects, bodies, and sites that are personally important to each artist in order to lay bare conceptual underpinnings and systems at play in the photographic digital age.

List of Students:

Nasim Biglari, Karina Magdaleno, Chelsea Denny, Gary Raye Hankins, Tre'von Peoples, Adelle Ria Thompson, Joseph Ramos Sales, Jennifer Renee Cardoza, Jiyue Chen, Jason Tsay, Susan Bystrom, Chen Yang, Joanna Wong, Soni Bhalla Jane Alvarado, Ziqing Xu, Justin Paras, Ingrid Ayres Sorensen, Jiyue Chen, Jason Tsay