The Studio for Ethnographic Design (SED) presents a methodological discussion with

Stefan Helmreich.

The talk will explore how ethnographers might newly claim as well as query the value of ethnographic presence, of "being there"? In an age of ever-farther-flung multi-sited, multi-method, multi-species, and multi-media ethnography - when ethnographers seek to map virtual spaces (the online, the electromagnetic), to apprehend the inhumanly scaled (the microbial, the climatic), and to understand nonhuman materials (air, water, rocks) - what ratios of presence, distance, and absence become appropriate to the objects of our studies? How do canonical and consequential matters of human politics- to do with inequality, disparity, and justice - figure in these re-assessments? For suggested readings visit

About SED

The Studio for Ethnographic Design (SED) was founded to enhance ethnographic research pedagogy and deepen the connections among a wide variety of ethnographic researchers on the UC San Diego campus. The studio is a space in which faculty and graduate students meet to discuss research design and methods, debate ethical practice, critique ethnographic writing, present in-process research, and engage with scholars and practitioners who are at the forefront of redesigning the method for new arenas and platforms, and theorizing ethnographic practice. SED is an UC San Diego Center for the Humanities Working Group located at the UC San Diego, Visual Arts Studio for Ethnograpic Design at the Structural and Materials Engineering Bldg (SME) 408.

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Stefan Helmreich
Elting E. Morison Professor of Anthropology and Program Head
MIT Anthropology

Images Credit:
Nadezhda Lyachova, from the Tale with No End performance at Sozopol, 1999.

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