The Studio for Ethnographic Design (SED) presents

Brian Cross & Tara-Lynne Pixley.

Join SED for a vibrant discussion on visual ethnographies and documentary practices led by Visual Arts professor Brian Cross (B+) and Communication PhD student Tara-Lynne Pixley. Cross and Pixley — both photographers and filmmakers — will discuss the interstitial terrain between these different forms and fields of practice. Discussion on Tuesday, March 3rd, 9:30-11:00 a.m.

Part II of this workshop is structured as a collaborative event where participants are encouraged to share works-in-progress (photography, video, and multimedia projects), receive feedback, and discuss future iterations of these visual and experimental projects. Part II is on Friday, March 6th, 3:00-5:00 p.m.

About SED

The Studio for Ethnographic Design (SED) was founded to enhance ethnographic research pedagogy and deepen the connections among a wide variety of ethnographic researchers on the UC San Diego campus. The studio is a space in which faculty and graduate students meet to discuss research design and methods, debate ethical practice, critique ethnographic writing, present in-process research, and engage with scholars and practitioners who are at the forefront of redesigning the method for new arenas and platforms, and theorizing ethnographic practice. SED is an UC San Diego Center for the Humanities Working Group located at the UC San Diego, Visual Arts Studio for Ethnograpic Design at the Structural and Materials Engineering Bldg (SME) 408

Suggested Readings:

Connole, B. (n.d.). Sub-altermodern art? An interview with B+.

MacDougall, D. (1978). Ethnographic Film: Failure and Promise. Annual Review of Anthropology, 7, 405-425.

Minh-Ha, T. (1990). Documentary Is/Not a Name. October, 52 (Spring), 76-98.

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Brian Cross (aka B+)
Faculty, Department of Visual Arts
UC San Diego

Images courtesy of the artists and SED.

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