Mike Calway-Fagen

Public Artist Talk and Opening Reception on
Wednesday, 7 January 2015 // 6PM

- - -

How is the way things are? the way things look? the way the world is presented? All of everything is seen through stories, through fabrication, through dominant cultural narratives- a spectacle so greasy, so thick, entangled in language’s masquerade and the deception of the gaze. Wait! There are opportunities to suspend understanding and mastery, to empathize, to witness, to wait, to listen, to penetrate the shadows looking for the forms.

Story Breakers is other instinctual responses, alternative perceptual means, and new narratives. Suspend disbelief. Postpone belief. Delay the gratification of each.

-An installation of objects, sound, collage, and photographs in the John C Hutchenson Gallery at Lipscomb University.

John C. Hutcheson Gallery at Lipscomb University, Nashville, Tennessee 37204


Mike Calway-Fagen is an UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts MFA Alumnus. For more about his work, please visit his website at: