Professor Rubén Ortiz Torres and MFA Candidates Ela Boyd, Edward Kihn, Ash Smith, Joshua Tonies, David White and Brian Zimmerman, and MFA Alumni Susy Bielak and Brian Goeltzenleuchter featured in

Summer Salon Series 2011

What does a city need?

Thursdays, June 2 through September 1, 5-9PM

September 1: Virtual Cities and Utopian Visions
Featuring: Ela Boyd, Joshua Tonies, Wendell Kling, Kate Farris, Ilya Kaminsky

The San Diego Museum of Art, 1450 El Prado, Balboa Park, San Diego, California 92101

"The chief worth of civilization is just that it makes the means of living more complex; that it calls for great and combined intellectual efforts, instead of simple, uncoordinated ones, in order that the crowd may be fed and clothed and housed and moved from place to place. Because more complex and intense intellectual efforts mean a fuller and richer life. They mean more life. Life is an end in itself, and the only question as to whether it is worth living is whether you have enough of it." -- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Okay, so what does a city need? The answers are not easy to come by and they are not always agreed upon, but they are part of an important conversation that applies to us all. In response to the exhibition Gustav Stickley and the American Arts & Crafts Movement, the Museum will spend 14 weeks examining the multiple answers to this question with the help of contemporary artists, musicians, poets, and speakers. Join us every Thursday evening for new art and new conversations on how we build better cities, better communities, and better citizens—all in the format of a salon.

Below are the scheduled themes and presenters for the 2011 Summer Salon Series. For a more detailed listing of each Thursday's events, please visit the Museum's calendar.

The Summer Salon Series is sponsored by Wells Fargo and Westfield Horton Plaza. Our partners include The San Diego Architectural Foundation and Agitprop.

The San Diego Museum of Art


what does a city need?

June 2: Shelter
Featuring: Omar Lopez, Councilman Todd Gloria

June 9: Dialogue
Featuring: David Casey, Tom McDermott, Jonas Yip, Wai-lim Yip, Alain Cohn, Carlos Medina and the Bitwise Operators

June 16: Dignity of Labor
Featuring: John Dillemuth, Brian Zimmerman, Class Dismissed (film) and LUMPS

June 23: Identity and History
Featuring: Susy Bielak, Ash Smith and the Save Our Heritage Organization (SOHO)

1450 El Prado, Balboa Park


In 1943 during World War 2 the Museum was requisitioned for military use along with the other cultural facilities in Balboa Park. The United States Navy converted the Museum into a hospital housing 423 beds, X-ray facilities, and a surgical suite....Some ghosts remain.

The performance will double as a film shoot that will act less as documentation but rather as a performing archive that gestures towards time, space and (im)permanence. Cameras will double as guns and vice/versa, together both machines will SHOOT ON SITE.

Featuring choreography by Christine Herde and compositions by Phil Skaller. PERFORMERS and SHOOTERS include a range of San Diego gems.

Audience is invited to PLAY...


1. Play is for itself. It serves no external goal.
2. Play exists outside the scope of ordinary life.
3. Play operates within fixed boundaries of time and space, with its own set of rules.
4. Play is labile. Though it can completely absorb the player, "ordinary life" can reassert itself at anytime.

June 30: Identity and History
Featuring: Edward Bosley, Edward Kihn and Agitprop & the 2837 University

July 7: Green Space/Civic Space
Featuring: Natalia Calderon, Héctor Ivan Delgado Estrada and Dr. John Marciari

July 14: Green Space/Civic Space
Featuring: Lara Bank, Richard Gleaves

July 21: Creativity (part of Culture & Cocktails)
Featuring: Thomas Chapman

July 28: Economy and Social Consumerism
Featuring: Brian Goeltzenleuchter, Sandra and Ben Doller, Jaroslaw Kapuscinski and the Border Corps

August 4: Edges
Featuring: Rubén Ortiz Torres and My Barbarian

August 11: Design and Planning
Featuring: Adam Manley, Ben Houge, Dr. Geoffrey West

August 18: Design and Planning
Featuring: The Sumi Ink Club, Matthew Hebert, Jericho Brown, Miki Iwasaki and The San Diego Architectural Foundation

August 25: Access to Resources
Featuring: The Tree Ring, Lea Dennis, Bruna Mori, Agitprop & the 2837 University

September 1: Virtual Cities and Utopian Visions
Featuring: Ela Boyd, Joshua Tonies, Wendell Kling, Kate Farris, Ilya Kaminsky

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