In this solo exhibition, undergraduate artist Elizabeth Stringer adapts her drawings into furnished objects for specific environments. Through obsessive overlapping and categorization of a wide range of visual information, she creates a poetic microcosm composed of these articulated forms. Stringer aims to complete this yearlong project the week of January 25 - 30. Through the act of performative drawing, Stringer will join separated off-shoots into one holistic mural, ultimately requiring audience participation to activate the piece during the Opening Reception night on January 30. Only through viewer participation can its intricate layers be accessed and analyzed.

27-30 January 2015
Reception on Friday, January 30th // 5:30-9PM
Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Friday 12-5PM

UC San Diego, Visual Arts / Adam D. Kamil Gallery
9500 Gilman Dr, La Jolla, California 92093

Image courtesy of the artist.

UG-ElizabethStringer-CloisteredInTheseLivingWallsOfJet-AdamKamilGallery-jan2015.png124.76 KB