Wednesday, February 17, 3:00 - 5:00 PM
Second Floor, Mandeville Center, UC San Diego

The Undergraduate Studio Honors Program of the UC San Diego Visual Arts Department will be opening their doors to the public on February 17, from 3 - 5 pm. Each year a dozen top Undergraduate Studio Art Majors are nominated by faculty to join the Honors Program, this event will display the work and process of current Studio Honors Program members. The Honors Open Studios will include a wide range of styles, mediums, and concepts. The artists include: Jenna McCloskey, Alice Musher, Brooke Kesinger, Humming Sang, Gianna Zamora, Arpie Shekoyan, Connor Phillips, Neda Kerendian, Atra Givarkes, Lauren Mastro, Joshua Coates, Mayra Lopez, and David Shere.

Artists in the Studio Honors Program work across disciplines and utilize a variety of approaches to their art practice. Jenna McCloskey's digital illustrations explore relationships between beauty and horror in human figures. Lauren Mastro's practice includes painting, photography and installation that discuss mortality, with the use humor as a form of social critique to explore anxieties associated with sleep.

David Shere explores the mediation of death and violence through meditative and digital technologies. Arpie Shekoyan creates collages and paintings that deconstruct famous works to critique art historical practices, such as Orientalism, and subvert the gaze. Language is another theme that is used within these works presented. Alice Musher makes geometric and linear paintings inspired by color theory and text. However, Atra Givarkes's two dimensional practices explore cultural history and personal narratives in the form of calligraphic compositions and motifs. Connor Phillips's practice revolves around manipulating popular signs and symbols into a social commentary about the current state of America.

Mayra Lopez's paintings explore both the fragility and strengths of the human body by combining realistic and surreal forms. Gianna Zamora's sculpture, photography, and drawing explore themes about the embodied female experience and the synergetic relationship between natural and synthetic materials. Furthermore, Humming Sang's sculptures focus on texture and expression related to nostalgia and emotions. Brooke Kesinger explores a variety of mediums to deal with the topics of home, body, memory, and psychological space. Joshua Coates explores personal memory and mind states through formal elements of painting. The subconscious can also be represented in regards to losing and finding oneself. Neda Kerendian's paintings, drawings, and installations explore a balance between living within and comprehending her fast paced environment.

This event will take place February 17 from 3 - 5 pm on the west wing of Mandeville (level 2, top floor, above the University Art Gallery). There will be music, as well as free food and drinks.

Sheena Ghanbari: (858) 822-7755
Arpie Shekoyan: (323) 359-2658