Valentine's Day Film Fest: Is This Desire?

14 February 2013, 9-11PM

Johns Hopkins Film and Media Studies / The Charles Theatre, 1711 North Charles St, Baltimore, Maryland 21217

Curated by Karen Yasinsky Is This Desire? showcases special screenings of contemporary and historic short experimental films, including Laida Lertxundi's The Room Called Heaven (2012); outtakes from Mary Helena Clark's Orpheus (2012); Raul Ruiz's Dog's Dialogue (1977); Matthias Mueller's Pensao Globo (1997); Jack Goldstein's The Jump; and Elad Lassry's Untitled.

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The Room Called Heaven
Laida Lertxundi, 2012, 11min, 16mm, color, sound

American plains and high altitudes assembled in a B-roll structure take us to a place of sounds*. Plans américains show color and temperature shifts while an emotional room tone is sustained for the length of a 400ft camera roll.

*Vision: Sound on Screen, Michel Chion.

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