MFA Alumna Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli featured in

Vanity Run Amok

A conceptual performance for television by Leslie Ann Leytham, Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli, and Brendan Nguyen

Friday, 23 May 2014, 8PM

Not in San Diego? Live streaming at:

(This is a free event)

UC San Diego, Mandeville Center Auditorium
9500 Gilman Dr, La Jolla, California 92093

Vanity Run Amok isn’t a dissertation “recital” performed by a mezzo-soprano, it’s a TV variety show that features the best in contemporary conceptual performance art and music. Through multi-media works, live performance, and character study, Ms. Leytham hopes to reconcile the differences between her varied areas of expertise (pop music and television culture, classical singing, and contemporary score preparation), drawing inspiration from and offering a critical response to the performance practices inherent in each genre. Through this work, Leslie will give a bloated portrait of herself an artist whose identity was immeasurably shaped by a very bizarre youth and early adulthood spent living in Las Vegas, NV, the place she can’t seem to stop calling home.

This performance piece will be shiny and obnoxious (that’s a good thing), featuring design by Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli and Ms. Leytham, and starring the inimitable Brendan Nguyen as the charismatic, yet aloof host. Vanity Run Amok will also feature music by Clinton McCallum, Nicholas Deyoe, Ambroise Thomas, Robert Pierzak, Joe Cantrell and Leslie Ann Leytham.

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