Tuesday, June 13 - Saturday, June 17
Triton Art Gallery, Visual Arts Facility 

Nancy Vazquez is an undergraduate senior pursuing a B.A. in Visual Arts as a Media Major. Her work focuses on concepts dealing with the self, home, family, and community both at home and internationally. She is currently finishing her first solo photo exhibition at the Triton Art Gallery from photos shot over two trips two Vietnam in 2015 and 2016 that touches on several topics but focus on a reflection of the self through engaging with a new landscape and culture. Nancy hopes to concentrate on going into photojournalism in the future after having returned from an internship with Women Photojournalists of Washington (WPOW) in D.C. this past winter of 2017.

“Vietnam: Untitled 1” is a photo project that illustrates how a photograph documents a community, or a place that is both much different than your own and starting to feel like home. The project is a mix of documentary and street photos shot in both film and digital over the course of two trips to Vietnam, the first in the summer through fall of 2015 and the second in the summer of 2016. These photos were capture all across the country although many take place in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City where the artist called home in 2015. This photo project was a journey about diving into an unknown place, slowing down, observing, being observed, and learning to see more of oneself in other people. This exhibition is part of an unfinished, long-term project where the artist will continue to make trips back to Vietnam over the course of a few years to delve into more specific themes and produce a complete photo book in the future.

Triton Art Gallery

Triton Art, with encouragement from the Visual Arts Department, founded Triton Art Gallery in the fall of 2015 to create an additional venue for undergraduate students to showcasing their arts. Thus far, Triton Art has supported ten undergraduate solo exhibitions in the gallery.

To learn about how to get involved with Triton Art activities please visit Facebook.com/ucsdtritonart or email Farshid Bazmandegan at fbazmand@ucsd.edu.