The Experimental Sculpture and Painting Studio at the Department of Visual Arts presents a talk with Shana Lutker. She works in a wide range of materials and forms, with an emphasis on sculpture, performance, and language. She uses her research and experience to create uncanny and unstable tableaux that both illuminate and question her subjects, her position in relation to them, and the role of the viewer in interpreting the work. Lutker's research subjects have included Sigmund Freud and dreams, J-M. Charcot and the invention of hysteria, and, currently, André Breton and the defining of Surrealism. Recent exhibitions and performances include the 2014 Whitney Biennial; a Commission for Performa 13; solo exhibitions at Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects and Barbara Seiler Galerie in Zurich; group exhibitions at Transformer Station at Cleveland Museum of Art, the Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art, SALTS in Basel, and Disjecta in Portland. She is based in Los Angeles.

Date: Wednesday, 11 February 2015 // 2PM
Visual Arts Presentation Lab, SME 149

About the Experimental Sculpture and Painting Studio (ESPS)

The ESP studio supports faculty, guest artist, and graduate student projects, production, materials testing, staging, collaborations, and exhibitions. It is a space to work on small to large scale experimental sculpture, unconventional structures and fabrication methods, explorations into new materials and applications, painting and active surfaces, and models.

Image Credit:
The Bearded Gas, 2013. Installation view, Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects. Photo: Robert Wedemeyer.

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