Reflections on Home: myths, processes and notions of place
October 12, 10:00 am, Visual Arts Presentation Lab, SME 149

Sandra de la Loza is the founder of the Pocho Research Society of Erased and Invisible History (PRS), an ongoing trans-disciplinary project begun in 2002. The PRS conducts extensive archival research to better understand underlying power dynamics embedded in social space while exposing the gaps, absences and the in between spaces within dominant historical narratives. The PRS utilizes the research process to work with various community groups to contribute to social struggles through unconventional forms that result in site-specific interventions, public actions, and community organizing efforts. De la Loza has recently collaborated with a variety of groups including Staying Together Advocating for Our Youth (STAY), the North East Alliance (NELA), The School of the Echoes, LA Rooted, and Everything is Medicine to employ creative strategies to mobilize residents, shift the debate around gentrification, while producing alternative knowledge and practices to enact one's agency to reshape and redefine the various social, cultural and ecological landscapes we inhabit. This event is supported by the Departments of Visual Arts and Ethic Studies. Image Credit: still from Incantation for Los Angeles, super 8 film, 2014