Wolfgang Müller: Berlin Subcultures / Post-Punk 1980s
November 30, 2016 6:30 PM 
Visual Arts Presentation Lab, SME 149, UC San Diego 

Screening and Q&A:
Working with a Super 8 camera and video, the West Berlin postpunk band Die Tödliche Doris (1980-87) shot a number of short pieces often conceived and produced independently of their music. These films consisted of archival remnants and events that brought sound and image together in a manner that disassociated narrative from form—reciting texts, narrating images, re-recording and overlapping sound. They transformed documents into events, reinventing their own music and filmed recordings both on stage and in front of the camera. The missing images, reconstructed photographs, and incomplete performance documents at the center of this work contradicted the medium of film’s own imperative of making things visible.

This event is possible with support from the Department of Visual Arts, Department of Literature, and Department of Music.