with Michael Ano, MFA candidate, and Sara Solaimani, Ph.D. candidate
Monday, June 8, 5-6PM
Visual Arts Facility, 452

Join us for a walk through of oikeio ̄sis with the artist. Following the walkthrough, Sara Solaimani, Ph.D. candidate, and Ano will discuss his
meditations around the jungle, intimacy, and affection.

Michael Ano’s oikeio ̄sis is a meditation around spaces of
affinity, intimacy and sentimentality. Asking why do we go into the
jungle, and what are we looking for- treasure, love, mystics, the unknown,
the real?

Ano’s oikeio ̄sisis an installation composed of several objects:
“Meanwhile” (a print), “will you wait for me” (a slide show), “A Journey
into the Jungle” (a video), “Siendo Dado” (a peep show), “The Fountain” (a
water feature), and “The Internet, you and I” (a collection of zines).
Through this constellation of things Ano contemplates the relationships
between us and them, the provincial and cosmopolitan, the real and the
virtual, and terror and beauty.

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