Closing Reception, 3:00 PM, Friday May 5
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM, 
April 26 - May 5

White & Black is curated by Visual Arts student, Farshid Bazmandegan and features the diverse background of undergraduate Visual Arts students. White & Black is the idea of breaking the tradition by using the office space as a place for showing art and engaging with audiences outside of a gallery context and to show the diversity of student work at this program. By using the Career Center, it hopes to motivate more arts and humanities students to engage with the resources available at the UC San Diego Career Center in their field.

This exhibition is supported by the Dean office of the Division of Arts and Humanities and UC San Diego Career Center.

Artists Featured by the categories of the mediums of their work:

Mas Girmachew
Atra Givarkes (Alumni)
Isabella Pulido
Jeremy Raab
Valerie Saiag
Paul Sasso

Jennifer Cardoza
Viktor De La Fuente
Tsz Lo
Rick Narvaez
Emily Zheng (Alumni)


Christine Chung
Brandon Huynh
Joshua Pallag
Brad Stevenson
Yufei Wang
Ma Yichen