Saturday, March 5th // 2-7PM
UC San Diego / Visual Arts Facility Production Space 452
(located on Russell Lane, Bldg 4, 2nd Floor),
La Jolla, California

Writing The Visual is an exhibition highlighting the relationship that exists between the Visual Arts department and the Literature department here at UC San Diego. From UC San Diego Visual Art's inception our department has developed along side experimental writing practices, epitomized in the work of founding faculty member David Antin. The symbiotic relationship can still be seen in the work of faculty of both departments, Ricardo Dominguez of Visual Arts and Anna Joy Springer of Literature initially springing to mind. With the founding of the MFA Writing program less than a decade ago this relationship has only gotten stronger, with crossover of students in critique classes and writing workshops, outside committee members, extracurricular collaboration, shared interest in guest lecturers, and finally this year shared space. This exhibition highlights students from both departments who have engaged in these crossovers and who's works reflect mutual interest in the linguistic and the visual. It also hopes to push this relationship to continue into the future.

Writing The Visual consists of work by Katherine Agard, Sarah Ciston, Catherine Czacki, Saúl Hernandez, Kim Schreiber, Patricia Zambrano, all students who have worked inside, between, and in collaboration with the two departments.