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The SME building opened to the public on September 14, 2012. The 183,000 square foot building houses a community of artists and engineers which includes 12 visual arts studios, a gallery and performance space, and 11 distinct visual arts research initiatives, and a state of the art paint booth. The SME building is situated on the corner of Voigt Drive and Matthews Lane near the Visual Arts Facility. For a fact sheet and a map of the SME facilities please click here.

The VAF hosts visual arts graduate student studios, a seminar room, the graduate photo lab, a computer lab, the graduate wood, metal, and machine shop, a gallery, and a performance space, a sound lab and a screening room. The VAF is situated on the corner of Russell Drive and Lyman Avenue near the Gilman parking structure; to view a campus map please click here.

The Mandeville Center houses visual arts class and conference rooms, staff offices, student advising, an electronic lab, the Adam D. Kamil Gallery, the undergraduate wood and metal shop, as well as the University Art Gallery. For a campus map please click here.