The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program at UC San Diego is one of the nation’s top fine arts program. The most recent U.S. News & World Report ranks the MFA program as 13th in overall fine arts, 3rd in Media and New Media, and 21st in Sculpture. The MFA program was also selected as one of Art Info's Top 10 MFA Program's That Give You the Most Bang for your Buck.  

The course of study at the Department of Visual Arts provides for mobility within a range of traditional and media-based components and encourages collaboration. In addition to working in a broad array of mediums, MFA students have also been recognized widely for their accolades as well as exhibitions and are also actively involved in the regional arts community. The program is designed to provide professional training for the student who proposes to pursue a career within the field of art -- including art-making, criticism, and theory. The scope of the UC San Diego MFA Program includes but is not limited to painting, sculpture, performance, installation, environmental art, photography, film, video, and computing for the arts. The Department seeks to provide an integrated and comprehensive introduction to the possibilities of contemporary art production, the intellectual structures which underlie them, and the "world view" which they entail. All art-making activities are considered serious intellectual endeavors, and all students in the program find themselves confronted by the need to develop their intellectual and critical abilities in the working out of their artistic positions.



The program includes formal education in lecture and seminar courses as well as study groups, critiques, and studio meetings. Coursework is intended to place art-making in critical and intellectual context but does not underestimate the central importance of the student's own production work. A body of theory-oriented core courses is required, where the practice, criticism, and historical study of art become interrelated activities. No two students will necessarily follow the same path through the degree program, and the constitution of individual programs will, of course, depend upon the analysis of individual needs and interests, worked out by students in collaboration with their faculty advisors. Travel required to conduct field research for completion of degree requirements in most cases. This is a two to three year program. A minimum of two years in residence is required by the University for the awarding of the MFA degree. http://www.ucsd.edu/catalog/curric/VIS-gr.html