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1982 film 'The Sky on Location': ‘What the landscape can give you is a release of intentions, a lack of determinism, which indeed is far from our civilization'...
As scholars, they are protecting human rights, advancing understanding of atmospheric aerosols, activating cross-border artistic exchange and so much more.
Awardees are recognized for their dedication to make a positive impact through their teaching, research and service in six areas: Undergraduate Teaching, Graduate Teaching, Research in Humanities a
Read more at: Guggenheim Memorial Foundation announces new fellows — and pays tribute to grantees from California
MFA candidate Sindhu Thirumalaisamy becomes the first UC San Diego Fellow at the Flaherty Seminar. MFA alumna Crystal Z Campbell is one of this years Professional Development Fellows.
The wall, which sat directly under Robert Irwin’s “Two Running Violet V Forms,” was being constructed entirely out of mortar bricks and held together by what looked like a red sauce and bread pe
Brian Cross, aka B+, is perhaps best-known for his chronicling of the Los Angeles hip-hop scene in the 1990s, which is about as far away from traditional Irish culture as you could get...
“There is no better introduction to the depth of research, the range of practices, and commitments to using art and art history to understand the world, than these events,” Greenstein said.
For Mexican-American artist and actress Lizet Benrey, the successful film career on display during San Diego Film Week is the result of pursuing a lifelong dream late in life...Two of her films,
[Show] features works by artists connected with the university who paved the way for greater inclusion in the arts..Artists — Eleanor Antin, Barbara Kruger, Faith Ringgold, Martha Rosler, Miriam