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December 23, 2013

Buying an art work by an emerging artist is
•a gamble,
•a case of love at first sight,
•a genuine commitment

December 16, 2013

Angela Washko founded "The Council on Gender Sensitivity and Behavioural Awareness in World of Warcraft" as a performative intervention within the misogynistic environment of World of Warcraft,

December 09, 2013

ReVIEW is a landmark publication that highlights the exemplary research initiatives, events,

November 24, 2013

A new work from the creator of Chastisty. An experiment in world building.

October 30, 2013

The self is more schismatic than ever before.

October 29, 2013

Let’s Review: Three don’t-miss shows open at three La Jolla’s UCSD galleries


By Will Bowen

September 25, 2013

Earlier this year the "Shortest Video Art Ever Sold!" project at the Moving Image Contemporary Video Art Fair in NY made headlines with the world’s first Vine sale (Shout out Angela Washko!) Ok

September 23, 2013

Nine female artists and writers got together at Brooklyn's Transfer gallery to discuss online feminist art and making art "exclusively for women."...

September 20, 2013

Since early 2012, Washko has been creating performances inside the online video game World of Warcraft.

September 16, 2013

She [Angela Washko] then started doing a workout tape while listing the 100 most requested characteristics the millionaires ask for in a mate.