By Rick Florino for ARTIST direct, June 19, 2015

Not since Nine Inch Nails shook up the world with 'Pretty Hate Machine' has an artist been as sonically and cinematically groundbreaking as Author & Punisher is on 'Melk En Honing.' The sixth album from one-man wrecking crew Tristan Shone and first offering for legendary Pantera and Down frontman Philip H. Anselmo's Housecore Records bristles with a delightful intensity that's as inviting as it is invasive...

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Author & Punisher : Melk En Honing
by Gareth O'Malley for treble on June 29, 2015

For more about UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts MFA Alum Tristan Shone (aka AUTHOR & PUNISHER), please visit:

Photo is courtesy of Artist Tristan Shone.

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