Artist Spotlight - Julia Westerbeke

By Moira Cue for The Hollywood Sentinel on January 2010, Issue 28

Julia Westerbeke's 2009 installation with Clare Parry at the San Francisco de Young museum, "The Deluge," was a visually stunning and innovative meditation on the complimentary and dichotomous world of our interiors; as in both living spaces we keep our bodies inside and the literal "insides" of our bodies, at the microbial level. In one environment--our homes--the goal is to eliminate bacteria and organic growth in pursuit of a sterile environment. At the cellular level, decorative, floral motifs are generated uncontrollably, with ravishing appetite...

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Clare E Parry and Julia Westerbeke are UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts MFA Alumni. For more about their work, please visit:

Clare E Parry

Julia Westerbeke

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Installation is by Artists Clare E Parry and Julia Westerbeke. (to) Clare Parry's; (bottom) Julia Westerbekes's. Image is courtesy of the Artists, the de Young Museum and The Hollywood Sentinel.

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