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Author & Punisher’s metal machine music

Tristan Shone puts the fun back in industrial doom

By Jeff Terich for the San Diego CityBeat on October 29, 2013

If you were to meet Tristan Shone, you probably wouldn't think the unassuming San Diegan is the architect behind one of the city's most intense musical projects....Yet when he steps behind one of his large, noisy drone machines, he transforms from Tristan Shone, mechanical engineer, to industrial doom act Author & Punisher. He's as much mad scientist as musician, performing not with conventional instruments but with complex and severe-looking robotic machines—complete with vocals-distorting masks—that he designed and built himself. And the sounds they make range from atmospheric to simply brutal.

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Image is courtesy of Artist MFA Alum Tristan Shone
Photo by Marilia Maschion

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