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Author & Punisher to premiere voice-modulating masks at Soda Bar

By Dave Good for the San Diego Reader on December 31, 2013

“Yeah, the music is dark. It’s what comes out, but it’s kind of heartfelt. But some people think it sounds like nightmares.” Music from one of Dante’s seven circles of hell: ex-metal guitarist Tristan Shone, from New Hampshire, performs solo on a robotic assortment of repurposed machines that make a range of concentrated and often demonic sounds...They like to see the machines. They say, “Hey, it’s that guy on YouTube.”

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Tristan Shone is an UC San Diego Visual Arts MFA Alumnus aka. Author & Punisher. For more information about Tristan Shone's work, visit:

Photo courtesy of Artist Tristan Shone and the San Diego Reader.

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