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Cannibalism Is the Theme of the MexiCali Biennial. But Not in the Way You'd Think

By Alissa Walker for the LA Weekly on January 17, 2013

”…"For us it was fun to see how the artists approached the theme," Gomez says. "Would they show up with knives and severed heads, or are they going to talk about larger social and political issues?"…An artist who brilliantly explores the latter is Dominic Paul Miller, who encases a backlit, large-format photo of an empty Tijuana maquiladora (the name for a factory in Mexico where laborers work for U.S. companies) within a sealed plastic box, creating a symbolic vacant lot. The photo, at once beautiful and devastating, is one of the more bracing examples of American consumption, greed and waste being imposed upon Mexico…”

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Image credit: Photo courtesy of Artist Dominic Paul Miller and the LA Weekly
Dominic Paul Miller encased in a plastic box a photo of a maquiladora, a Mexican factory where laborers work for U.S. companies.