Photo from left: Philip Wang, Ted Fu and Wesley Chan

UG Visual Arts Media Alumni Philip Wang, Wesley Chan and Ted Fu mentioned in

Celebrating Wong Fu Productions

By Vincent Pham for the San Diego Asian Film Festival on November 2013

perhaps it isn’t a coincidence that Wong Fu started on the campus of UCSD, through class projects in the classrooms by the beaches and away from but within reach of the bright lights of Los Angeles, the center of mainstream media production and its entertaining yet cookie-cutter formulas. Perhaps the optimism of college youth and the cozy confines of a supportive college scene, combined with a burgeoning San Diego-based Asian American film festival and the exposure to intellectuals and media-makers speaking about Asian American media issues cultivated an environment ripe for three Asian American men to create, film, and distribute their own work. Or perhaps, simply, it was the right place, at the right time, with the right group of friends for YouTube stardom...But it wasn’t that they were and are YouTube stars, but rather how they became YouTube stars. Ten years ago, these three slightly awkward Asian guys from UCSD uploaded a grainy music video of themselves onto their own personal internet server

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Wong Fu Productions

Image courtesy of Wong Productions and the San Diego Asian Film Festival.