Associate Professor Ricardo Dominguez, interview.
Lecturer Brett Stalbaum and MFA Alumni Micha Cardenas and Elle Mehrmand mentioned

Disturbance Was Accomplished

An Interview with Droneologist and Hacktivist Ricardo Dominguez

By Eveline Chao for MOTHERBOARD on September 6, 2013

about what disturbance is: the work that we do does not function at the speed of technology, but moves at the speed of dreams. So that might be a poetic disturbance.

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Associate Professor Ricardo Dominguez

Lecturer Brett Stalbaum

MFA Alumna Micha Cardenas

Port Huron Project

Image Credit: Port Huron Project, courtesy of Ricardo Dominguez and MOTHERBOARD

Image Caption:
Ricardo Dominguez in 2008, performing a reenactment of a speech given by Chicano labor leader and civil rights activist Cesar Chavez at a Vietnam veterans memorial rally at Exposition Park in Los Angeles on May 2, 1971. Via Port Huron Project.

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