A Portrait of the Artist as Herself

Eleanor Antin is the greatest artist, professor, and author you've never heard of

By Robert L Pincus for San Diego Magazine on October 2013

Antin, a professor emeritus of visual arts at UC San Diego as well as an internationally celebrated artist, is better known outside San Diego than in it, even though she taught here for nearly three decades beginning in 1975. "Historical Takes," her one-person exhibition at the San Diego Museum of Art in 2008, partially rectified that situation. (It showcased her droll and elaborately staged photographs evoking ancient Rome and iconic themes in Westernpainting.) But many people have a hard time believing that living artists who are in the history books live and work in their own civic backyards. Antin surely fits that description.

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Eleanor Antin is Professor Emeritus at UC San Diego Visual Arts.

Photo of Eleanor Antin by Luis Garcia is courtesy of the San Diego Magazine

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