Omar Pimienta. "Lady of Libertad" 2008.
Sculpture and photo by MFA Alum Omar Pimienta.

MFA Alumni Misael Diaz, Omar Pimienta and Felipe Zuñiga mentioned in

Fault Metaphors: Reflecting Art from Tijuana

By Misael Diaz for KCET on January 6, 2014

For curators Castro-Prieto and Zuñiga, there is a relationship to the city and to the border implicit in these questions that is particular to Arreola's and Pimienta's generation of artists. "The theme of the border in the previous generation dealt with the friction of where critique or research was conducted from," explains Zuniga, "Who [gets to] define this territory and from where?" Within this discourse of production, Tijuana became a site defined by the clash between nations, cultures and disciplines, a site of trans-itory/itional/formational/border identity. For Castro-Prieto, this amounted to an "approximation...of border issues [that] was undertaken in a way that was clearer, more obvious, less metaphorical". And she adds that emerging artists in Tijuana today, who follow in the wake of Arreola's and Pimienta's generation, "intentionally break with border issues...returning to work on issues that are more universal...relating to subjectivity."

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