Performance artist reminds locals of the importance of being present

By Kinsee Morlan on January 20, 2015

Workshop participants helped Abramović create a new audio work—a collaboration with science-fiction writer Kim Stanley Robinson, an early draft of which was unveiled in the UCSD Art Gallery last Thursday evening and will be accessible through Jan. 30.

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Marina Abramovic

Kim Stanley Robinson

UC San Diego Arthur C Clarke Center for Human Imagination

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Sheldon Brown
UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts
The Arthur C Clarke Center for Human Imagination
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NSF Center for Hybrid Multicore Productivity Research (CHMPR)
Co-Pl and Artist-in-Residence of Calit2

The Arthur C. Clarke Foundation

This event is possible through support from UC San Diego and ViaSat.

3015: Work in Progress
16-30 January 2015
UC San Diego / University Art Gallery


Image courtesy of the San Diego CityBeat

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