Lecturer Laida Lertxundi's film mentioned in the review for

12th Biennale de Lyon:

meanwhile... suddenly and then

By Oliver Basciano for ArtReview, Vol. 65, No. 9, December 2013

The viewer gets minor, but much needed relief from this otherwise all-pervasive sense
 of hipsterish detachment from tangible reality with Laida Lertxundi’s excellent film collage "The Room Called Heaven" (2012), which, with its shots of a hand swirling an ice bucket or a woman standing near a clanging railway-crossing bell, has a welcome sense of physicality to it.

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Laida Lertxundi is a UC San Diego Visual Arts Lecturer

The Room Called Heaven

(Laida Lertxundi, 2012, 11min, 16mm, color, sound)

American plains and high altitudes assembled in a B-roll structure take us to a place of sounds*. Plans américains show color and temperature shifts while an emotional room tone is sustained for the length of a 400ft camera roll.

*Vision: Sound on Screen, Michel Chion.