Art Lab 01: UC San Diego Visual Arts Department
September 6-9

Curated / Produced by: Kate Clark, Emily Grenader, Hermione Spriggs
Artists: Kate Clark, Emily Grenader, Hermione Spriggs

FAIR IS FAIR is a site-specific cross-disciplinary project curated and produced by Kate Clark, Emily Grenader, and Hermione Spriggs, current Master of Fine Arts candidates at UC San Diego. Blending installation, photography, and performance, the project lies in the exploration of tangential strings that form points of connection between the 1915 California-Panama Exposition and the 2012 ART SAN DIEGO Contemporary Art Fair.

Visitors are invited to participate in a live photo booth scene of San Diego’s past and present, observe quintessential regional historic moments re-performed, and peruse the wares of the Museum Store of Authentic Contemporary Artifact. Overlapping and tickling the present’s past and future, FAIR IS FAIR becomes a transportation device that muddles time, embraces redundant models, and reveals new meanings to the event genre, finding in the journey a new space of honest exchange.

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