Lecturer Raul Guerrero, Lecturer and Alumna Jean Lowe, Professor Ernest Silva and MFA Student Yvonne Venegas mentioned in

New prize will recognize local artists

By Robert L. Pincus for UT San Diego on August 11, 2006

An annual prize for local artists, both of the established and emerging variety, has been created, with an accompanying exhibition program that will feature their work. Three artists in each category will receive cash awards. A catalog will also be published, highlighting the achievements of each...For the inaugural 2006-07 San Diego Art Prize, the three “established artists” are Raul Guerrero, Jean Lowe and Ernest Silva, all of whom have impressive exhibition histories that have extended their reputations beyond the region. In the “emerging artist category,” only the first of three figures has been named, Yvonne Venegas of Tijuana.

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(from left) Raul Guerrero, Jean Lowe, and Ernest Silva
Photo courtesy of UC San Diego News.