Artist Kate Clark in Balboa Park's Zoro Garden, where nudists once frolicked. She's wearing a nude suite made by fellow graduate student Hermione Spriggs as part of the Fair is Fair Art Lab.
Photo courtesy of the Artist and the San Diego CityBeat

MFA Candidates Kate Clark, Hermione Spriggs and Emily Grenader featured in


By Amy T. Granite for the San Diego CityBeat on August 29, 2012

An Art Lab produced by the Visual Arts Department at UCSD will take attendees back to the far corners of Balboa Park’s past with the showcase Fair is Fair. Master’s degree candidates Kate Clark, Hermione Spriggs and Emily Grenader will be in eraspecific costumes, reenacting historical events, conducting interviews with park experts and presenting new art works alongside objects and artifacts from expos past, provided by the San Diego History Center. The hope, Clark says, is to ignite conversations about how San Diego’s current and former art fairs bolster San Diego’s cultural identity, and how a region’s identity affects the future actions of its people....

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MFA Candidate Kate Clark

MFA Candidate Emily Grenader

MFA Candidate Hermione Spriggs

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