By Hrag Vartanian on May 13, 2017

[Rujeko Hockly] A lot of 'We Wanted a Revolution' came out of my work in graduate school and the work I had done about women of color and black feminism outside of the art world. There is an institutional history here vis-à-vis the museum’s community gallery, a space that existed from 1968 to ’86 which was a problematic space in some ways...

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Rujeko Hockly is an UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts PhD student in the art and media history, theory and criticism program.

Image Credit:
Photo by Lorna Simpson, Untitled, 1986.
(Left to right: Ava Rogers, Sandye Wilson, Candace Hamilton, Derin Young, Lisa Jones)
Image is courtesy of Artist Lorna Simpson and the Brooklyn Museum, New York.

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