Billboard for Edinburgh: Anya Gallaccio

24 April 2012 - 31 July 2012

Anya Gallaccio is the 16th artist to contribute to Ingleby Gallery’s public art and print publishing project.

Gallaccio’s work is the latest in a series of photographs in which the artist has used a medical scanning microscope to create her image. This series has included close-up images of insects, grains of sand as well as dirt from different international locations.

For her Billboard for Edinburgh installation, Gallaccio used dirt samples from Edinburgh’s famous landmark Arthur’s Seat to create a her image. Speaking about her microscope photographs, Gallaccio has previous said “I wanted to make landscapes with an epic sense of scale, or a strangeness, like planets, and remote unexplored worlds from these tiny particles, normally overlooked, literally under our feet.”

Anya Gallaccio will also realise her image as a limited edition print. For details, please email