The making of Duro Olowu: designer's Camden Arts Centre show confounds curatorial convention

By Louisa Buck for The Telegraph (UK) on June 24, 2016

Works dangle from the ceiling, line the wall, cover floors, fill vitrines and – in the case of an extensive mesh of knotted rope by Anya Gallaccio – cascade out through the trees in the gallery garden...Throughout, disguises and role playing abound, and are employed for a wide range of motives, whether in Lorna Simpson’s acerbic, fantastic collages...

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Anya Gallaccio
UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts

Lorna Simpson
MFA Alumna
UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts

Image Credit:
Anya Gallacio.
Photo by Marc Blower.
Image is courtesy of Artist Anya Gallaccio, the Camden Arts Centre, London, and The Telegraph (UK).

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