Sad news. Emeritus Professor David Antin, a poet, critic, and performance artist of lasting importance, passed yesterday away. He joined the department in 1968 as the director of the University Art Gallery, and taught as a Professor of Visual Arts until his retirement in 1995. No one played a greater role than he in helping the department quickly rise to national and international importance. He will be missed.
-- Jack Greenstein, UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts Chair

Founding Visual Arts Professor Emeritus David Antin Passes

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"David Antin was one of the greatest creative and critical voices of his generation,” Michael Govan, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s chief executive and director, said by email. “It was thrilling to have him as one of my graduate school advisors at (UC San Diego). His arrangement of words in every conversation was like a sculpture of language and content."
-- By Mikael Wood for The San Diego Union-Tribune, October 18, 2016

From the outset, Mr. Antin's poetic stance was off-kilter and provocative.
-- By William Grimes for The New York Times, October 17, 2016

Jill Dawsey, who curated “The Uses of Photography” show at MCASD, called Antin a “great genius” and said an hour-long interview with him in 2014 “was one of the most inspiring hours of my life.”
-- By Kinsee Morlan for the Voice of San Diego, October 18, 2016

In a 1975 issue of Artforum, he contributed an article titled “Television: Video’s Frightful Parent” in which he wrote, “The social uses of television continually force the issue of ‘truth’ to the center of attention.
--ARTFORUM, October 13, 2016

PennSound co-director Charles Bernstein called him "A great inspiration, radical model, dearest friend, and ever an iconoclast," and in my own note, I recognized that Antin "represented poetry at its most commodious and yet the rambling potential of his language was filtered through a singular mind. What he made look easy would be impossible for most of us."
-- , October 13, 2016

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