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In Rare Form

Artforum on December 12, 2013

Above and beyond the feature film slate, what really distinguishes Migrating Forms is its role as a showcase for short-format films: It is a place to catch up on films like Utskor: Either/ Or, the latest from Spanish-born, CalArts-trained Laida Lertxundi, whose work I became familiar with after seeing her 2010 Cry When It Happens at the third Migrating Forms. In Utskor, Lertxundi leaves behind the Californian landscapes of her first five shorts to shoot on the northern archipelagos of Norway, combining one of the best eyes for landscape working today with her usual flagrant, jarring interruptions of non-diegetic 1960s rock and soul, here tied together by the recurring lyrical plaint “It’s so hard.”

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