Culture Report: Unleashing Artists on a Kids Museum

By Kinsee Morlan for the Voice of San Diego on October 20, 2015

Do I think my 2-year-old understands what he’s playing with as he zooms his beautiful little handmade car around De Salvo’s artwork? Nope. But I get to stand there and appreciate the artist’s intentions while my boy squeals with glee...And local arts duo Collective Magpie’s giant “Globos” balloon made of interconnected gold tissue paper and fabricated in dozens of workshops in Tijuana and San Diego is fun for kids to watch as it floats...

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The New Children's Museum, 200 W Island Ave, San Diego, California 92101

Melinda R Barnadas and Tae O Hwang (aka Collective Magpie) are UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts MFA Candidates. For more about their work, please visit:

Roman de Salvo is an UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts MFA Alumnus. For more about his work, please visit:

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Roman De Salvo with his new installation, "Desert Derby" is The New Children's Museum, San Diego.

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