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By Annabel Osberg on January 2, 2018

Ortiz-Torres channeled lowrider culture’s transformative ingenuity into paintings and sculptures whose amalgamations of styles, references, media and subcultures playfully transcend the sum of their parts...

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Rubén Ortiz-Torres is an UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts Professor. For more about his work, please visit:

Image Credit:
Rubén Ortiz-Torres Long Shopper (Limo), 2015.
Photo is courtesy of Artist Rubén Ortiz-Torres, the ARTILLERY Magazine, and the Royale Projects, Los Angeles, CA.

RubenOrtizTorres.2015.LongShopperLimo.Chromaluscentpaintonshoppingcart.42x81x23.highres-jan2018.jpg75.67 KB