She Creates Herself in Multitudes

Eleanor Antin’s Selves at Columbia University

By Karen Rosenberg for The New York Times on September 5, 2013

As we cycle through avatars in our online lives, we are discovering a new appreciation for the artist of many identities...“Multiple Occupancy” should endear Ms. Antin to an art world fixated on aliases, alter egos and falsified archives. Her “selves” may have been invented in the 1970s, taking their identities from the distant past, but they are undisputably a part of the present.

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Eleanor Antin is Professor Emeritus at UC San Diego Visual Arts.

Image Caption:
"The Two Eleanors" (1973), a work in which Eleanor Antin plays with identity.
The image is part of a private collection and was provided courtesy of the Artist and The New York Times.

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